database driver (tornelib-php-database 6.1.0) is now up to date

It has been planned for a long time now, and the sprint was set to be finished next year. But the project was smaller than I thought so the database connector was released yesterday. The purpose is not – again – to reinvent the wheel. It is used to autodetect best available driver on platforms it is being installed on. Instead of being forced to adapt, this driver is as netcurl; adapting to the platform. However, this version is limited to PHP 5.6 and above.

The packagist codebase has also, like many of the other packages used by composer via packagist, been moved to github to be better available on service distruptions that seems to be quite common on a bitbucket cloud. The codebase is however still self hosted at – so the github collection is just a mirror.

By all means, this also takes us a bit closer to the entire library/API we’re targeting.