Testing netcurl and the future

Very few people are probably unaware of the test suites running for the current release of netcurl, via Atlassian Bamboo. Unfortunately Bamboo is already a openvz virtualization, which makes the tests a bit limited (I don’t think it is a good idea to build docker containers around openvz, even if I probably could). One of the reasons is that this kind of work may take more time to get a grip on, than it would to just rebuild netcurl with other rules and tests. So instead, there’s an ongoing preparation to compile PHP cores directly on the platform, separated by prefixes. By doing this, I hope that wider tests can be done without building power consuming containers. Instead, each test can execute itself with the correct version of PHP.

Test results for PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.3

Since this post was written, the tests has been rebuilt based on the binary collection of PHP versions. This is the first results from the tests, when running different PHP-versions from separate paths on the servers. The tests are green again!

The test suite for NETCURL is located at the URL below.