Real life environment issue requires actions

It was not long ago, I planned to start working with a new API. There’s currently a version 3 out, that handles most DNSBL services and some other services. However, since I am a huge Marvel fan I’ve realized that not all sites that I monitor actually runs a proper RSS flow.

FnargBlog once made a RSS-scraping tool that fetched a bunch of flows and the matched the content – to monitor content changes. The scraping was moved to Tornevall Networks, but the source quickly went outdated.

Now, as we wait for big things to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the Disney investor meeting presented the plans for 2021, I realize that there are some sites that I try to monitor that lacks RSS feeds. I can monitor a log of RSS-feeds – amongst them Google, but I stil miss important twitter flows and such.

That said, I guess I have to create a new RSS-scraper ASAP, with support for Twitter. However, this time I need to create the output rss feed myself aswell. This will hopefully in short be able to implement in API 4.0 – during a period when testing (and since there are very little user authentication mechanism in place), the feed might work as is for free.

To be continued…