I’ve had enough of this shit!

… or when Facebook bans you with an apology.

Yes. I’ve really had enough of it. It all starts with the image below. Facebook-filters that apparently is based on image analytics and probably also OCR-reading them (as the giraffe is actually heiling, this image probably triggered some kind of red alert in the Facebook system). However, the original poster AND I, myself, asked about a review of it as it seemed to broke against something. Just a few hours later, I got a message from Facebook that said they were sorry about the happening. The image was allowed to post. But from that point, nothing went as I presumed it should…

In the connection to the below image, a ban followed. For three days. Despite the fact that Facebook sent me an apology, they never lifted the ban. This generated some kind of very fucked up weird moment 22. I was banned, without doing anything wrong. Of course, my reaction was anything else than happiness.

The biggest problem I see here, is that Facebook has a platform so big that they have quite a lot of power, but in the same time you can not claim any rights to use it. By means, somewhere here – in the middle of all this crap – I can also see what Roger McNamee once said about their power and the fact that they are highly undermining democracy, with their acts.

So from this point, things will happen, only based on the way how I handle my anger management…

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