Basic ideas of the APIv4 and the Giraffe Project

First of all. This post is automatically posted. It is not part of the hashtag #avskedsbrev, however, I have to honour the hashtag by using it myself. Besides, I may not be able to return with more information about the projects. Second: The posts I’m making about APIv4 is actually not part of Giraffe Project.

You should consider the API as an engine for whatever you want to build (and I haven’t found anything that offers a complete API-solution to start building against). I actually presume that the codebase I’m starting with isn’t what other developers expect from an API. I actually guess that most of them suggests something like Laravel or similar complete language. However I do not tend to big something big either. The first working API (v3.0) works with WordPress as a base and mostly tries to use user data approved from WordPress. Since I’m still lazy, writing this, I hope to not make all work by myself. I borrow from WordPress.

If it is a good idea? Probably not, since I had to build TorneAUTH.

But how the API looks, what it is, etc, is not what this post was about at all actually. This is only a simple disclaimer, that the Giraffe Project is an entirely different project. That may borrow the API for data transfering.