NetTools (Giraffe) Embryo in progress

What currently contains based on the current not-yet-commited codebase.

Embryo issue number NT-99:

This is not yet another adblocker. It’s a yet another “getting-rid-of-bullshit-for-real-extension”.

This is a project, basically written for personal use. Not your personal use. My personal use. However, as I need this extension to work on “all instances” (or actually, if I switch computer, I want this to follow me wherever I go), this extension HAS to be shared publicly. Unfortunately, mobile phones is not included in “all instances”. At least chrome is in that kind of environment isolated from everything called “extensions”.

Example: If many people warns me about a website, link, game, shitstorm, or whatever that comes in your mind – that also MAY BE satire, fake news or bullshit, I want to be able to flag that data or link as inappropriate (or ‘this is racist bullshit’). As an alternative my browser should be able to completely remove it (the elements) so I don’t have to see it anymore.

Since the precense of those “bullshit elements” is escalating, and has been the past years from 2019, I decided to build this plugin, mainly for Chrome, and push it out to chrome webstore instead of make it private. The major reason for this is the “chrome switching”. Making it a private extension means you have to download it to each browser that should use it.

So, what is the status of this project?

This evening, the interface has been rewritten to handle configurable elements by the little tiny icon on top, near the browser address-bar. The reason? There is an overlay that can be clicked on on top of every page that sometimes MAY be annoying to always see there. So to make that tiny layer to disappear but work in background, there’s now a checkbox available to make it disappear.

There are also (which I probably will be burnt for) example data based on three known fascist sites. Which they are? Well, the can be seen if you know how to check git-commits.

Chrome storage sync is ready for syncing data. However, it’s untested since there’s still only local sources available.