The giraffe project

During the last parts of 2019, many people on the interwebz suffered to right wing ideas, like how to shut down free speech which they also demands from the public society. Those pages, including the corrupcy discovered through Roger McNamee (amongst others) in social medias like /the-forbidden-F-word-of-community/ and Twitter.

Holocaust giraffe

Everything started with a giraffe. A giraffe that was showing the ideas of fascism and how the users of fascism demounts democracy, step by step. At the end of the giraffes head, there was a last “hello” (in german) – before the holocaust itself can be initiated. This image was shared by the community (from the prior post), which first was marked as forbidden and my account was shut down for three days. An apology received me from Facebook telling me that the rules was not broken. However, my ban remained. Besides of this, I had a longer ban put into another sections of /the-forbidden-F-word-of-community/ that told me that “I’ve been warned and shut down before” and therefore my ban was extended there (which means I could not live stream until november 2019) – despite the fact that the rules, the last time, was not broken. All of this together, including a bunch of jackass nazis, made me take an important decision (despite my laziness) to initiate a warfare dashboard.

– November 11, 2019 (Revision 2)