New project page for Network Tools

A new project documentation has been established for the ongoing project at

The current release has gong through very basic testings with Facebook as ground base. However, it is time to move forward. Next step in the codebase is to make a configurable interface, categorized in a user friendly setup, so we can move further beyond the “one platform only”-world.

Basically, this is a completely API-less release, so the first setup will be built on JSON objects, which will be shareable. The first experimental json block can look like below and will be the output from a future API request too. The content will be closely described on the docpages (link above).

     "rightWing": {
         "description": "Right wing politics.",
         "names": {
             "": "Nyheter Idag",
             "": "Fria Tider",
             "": "Samhallsnytt"
     "leftWing": {
         "description": "Left wing politics",
         "names": {}
     "regularMedia": {
         "description": "What we define as independent media.",
         "names": {
             "": "Expressen",
             "": "Aftonbladet",
             "": "Dagens Nyheter",
             "": "Sveriges Television"
         "action": "replace"

The outcoming effect of the current solution looks like this: