Multidimensional action options in NET-TOOLS

While working on the NET-TOOLS behaviour on content detection, I realized that I wasn’t happy with just one option per site. Let me explain.

The current netToolsApiElementRulesMock allows one specific action when registered content has been discovered. For the below example, every and each block has an action called “notify“.

     "": {
         "comments": {},
         "posts": {
             "element": ".userContentWrapper",
             "parents": 1,
             "action": "notify",
             "attachto": "userContentWrapper"

The plugin rolls through a bunch of categories and (currently) site names. When triggered, the content will only get flagged. In this case (as long as it works) a post will say something like “hey, this shared URL is based on THIS”. So if we trigger on a satire site, we basically say “This is satire. Beware”.

I was happy with this behaviour until I realized that different categories has different trigger levels. I’d say “fascism by choice” is not the correct term for this sidepatch. It’s all about customization.

For example, if I normally want stuff to be flagged with a notification, this will also occur on data that comes from the category “rightWing“. That’s not good enough! So from now on, the json object will be handled multidimensionally, where the above json-block contains the default behaviour for a specific site. If I for some reason need to change this behaviour, I can do it either on site level or category level. Let me show this too, below.

One thing to note is that same rules for the actions also applies on description/descriptions.

     "rightWing": {
         "description": "Right wing politics.",
         "names": {
             "": "Nyheter Idag",
             "": "Fria Tider",
             "": "Samhallsnytt"
         "action": "replace",
         "actions": {
             "": "remove",
             "nyheteridag": "notify"
     "satire": {
         "description": "Fake news and satire",
         "names": {
             "storkensnyheter": "Storkens Nyheter (obsolete)"
         "descriptions": {
             "storkensnyheter": "Content on this site was considered fake news and made people angry."

The above example has a default action set to replace. While the site itself (facebook) has a setting that tells the plugin to notify the user on normal triggers, this default action will be attached to the rightWing category. In this case, if we trigger on storkensnyheter, the plugin will keep notifying me about “fakenews”. But if friatider is triggered, the detected element will be replaced completely with a notification box that the content was there before but no longer is.

However, we have more special rules under the actions object; I can live with shared content from nyheteridag, so if we happens to trigger on that site, the plugin will fall back to a notification. If we for some reason will trigger on the samnytt-link, that element will not show up at all, not even with a notification.

See below to see the plugin in effect!
Note: The screendumps below does not match the configuration above.

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