RSS Monitoring – ClickBaits and fascism

In the beginning of 2010, there was RSSWatch. A simple RSS feed monitor (tldr link here) was used to fetch, monitor sites and warn for changes. Primary target was WordPress sites – and partially Facebook. But since Facebook recently changed their API’s due to the Cambridge Analytica “incident” 2018 the ideas of “hatewatch” Facebook became useless. Besides, GDPR happened. The prior ideas crashed in data regulations and self-data-protection – at least at Facebook – could not longer “just get downloaded”. The projects backfired.

However, the E-Commerce projects – NetCURL – was practically reborn and could still be used as a RSS monitor as before. The current problem is that the API that was used also has to be rebuilt for this purpose. And to get it more effective. With all standards we meet, NetCURL also has to be more compliant to the purposes. For example, the goal with the NetCURL engine is to make it PSR-compliant so that extended projects can use it as wide as possible without complications.

A short description of NetCURL is “wrapper to web applications”, but unlike for example curl itself and applications like Guzzle, it configures itself with a proper driver that can utilize internet web content of different kinds. It’s a simplifier that shoud require minimum configuration for developers.

Primarily NetCURL 6.1 should support autoloading of drivers for CURL, streams, SOAP and the more common drivers that can download content from internet. With this finished, the prior project RSSWatch can be rebooted again. And with RSSWatch, we can also give life to our ClickBait-watcher: NETFILTER, that I hope can be controlled via web-browser extensions.

Questions have been asked before if clickbaits can be extended to “firewall out” fascism. It’s a quite interesting question, since the target with NETFILTER has been completely different. But since clickbaits is a very “diffuse” term to use, it will most probably support this and much other unwelcome content.